Vaportini Complete Kit with Engraved Base

Vaportini Wholesale Complete Kit with Engraved Base.

Vaportini Wholesale

Vaportini Wholesale from Steven's Wholesale

Vaportini Wholesale from Steven’s Wholesale

Vaportini Wholesale Complete Kit with Engraved Base.

Order your Vaportini Wholesale Complete Kit with Engraved Base today, each Kit comes in a beautiful presentation box. Order today at Steven’s Wholesale and get same day fast shipping. Inhale your alcohol vapors instead of drinking them with the new Vaportini at Steven’s Wholesale.

Pour a shot of your favorite booze through the hole, and place a tea candle inside a pint glass. Ignite candle, place sphere atop the glass and wait. Five minutes later it will have heated up enough to turn the alcohol in the sphere into boozy vapor. Stick the glass straw through the hole and breathe deep. You are now inhaling your drink, literally.

Mind you, we’re not talking about post-modern piezoelectric alco-fogs. We’re talking about pure and simple vaporized booze that you consume through a straw.

Why would anyone do this? First, it is drinking with 0 calories, you get the effect of the booze while bypassing the digestive tract. Second, the effects are (purportedly) immediate, since you are taking a shortcut to the bloodstream via the lungs.

If getting very drunk very quickly is not your thing, give this a try for more discriminating reasons. True to the company’s claims, you really can taste the essence of what you’re drinkhaling — in fact I might even argue you can experience it more distinctly than you can when consuming a spirit in liquid form. After all, 80-proof booze is still 60 percent water; with Vaportini, you are inhaling almost nothing but alcohol vapors. The water is left behind in the globe. No Hangovers! No Calories!

Other people who Vape alcohol prefer inhaling over drinking and that is why they do it. If you use flavored spirits, you will taste the flavor much like when smoking a flavored Smoke Juice Vapor. Some people find Vaping alcohol an enjoyable activity and experiment with different spirits much like wine tasting.

A Vaportini Wholesale at these prices can save you not only money but much, much more. Think about the health effects of drinking straight booze, then calculate the costs of drinking. It adds up fast! Order a Vaportini Wholesale today and start saving in more ways then one!