Tips for Cleaning and Using T3S and EVOD Clearomizers

Here are some Tips and Tricks for Cleaning and Using  Clearomizers:

1. Filling Your Clearomizers.

Fill clearomizers while they are tilted to the side or a steep angle.  This helps prevent getting e-liquid in the center air hole of the clearomizer. Getting your e-liquid in the center air hole of the clearomizer is very bad.

2. Priming your clearomizer.

Prime your clearomizer when it’s new.  Before you start vaping away, after you fill your clearomizer, take a few vapes on it before hitting the power button.  If you are using a top wick type clearomizer, it can also help to let the clearomizer sit on its side for a while, to help the wick absorb the e-liquid. Getting a dry wick is very bad.

3. Disposable Clearomizers.

Don’t just toss your T3S Clearomizers after they’ve stopped hitting well.  You can wash them and reuse them.  We suggest using hot water, or vodka, and letting them dry upside down on a paper towel before doing a dry burn. Dry burn your clearomizer before refilling it for a second, third, fourth or fifth time.  You do NOT need to do this with a fresh, new clearomizer.  See tip 1 for what to do with those.

4. Clearomizer Twirls! 

If you have a clearomizer with a wick at the top, twirl it and tip it from time to time to keep the coil wet.  Dry coils give dry hits.  (This does not apply to bottom coil BCC clearomizers, of course)

5. Keeping a clearomizer topped off.

Don’t overfill it.  You don’t want to let your clearomizer wicks get very dry, so it’s a good idea to fill it when it reaches the halfway point, or a little lower.  Also, make sure that you don’t fill it past the bottom part of the silicone cover for the coil, or, if you are using the bottom coils, you don’t want to fill it over the top of the air tube that you can see inside the clearomizer.  This can cause the clearomizer not to work, or to gurgle, or even to become a “juice straw,” and you can end up with a lot of juice in your mouth.

6. Clearomizer Rotation.

Keep a few coils heads and/or clearomizer on hand so that you can keep a clean head for your juices.  It’s good to have a couple of replacements handy to just pop in the clearomizer, or pop onto your battery in case your eLiquids aren’t producing the vapor and flavor you need.  The length of time a coil/wick lasts depends on how often you vape, and which type of juice you are using.  Thicker (VG Based), sweeter juices cause wicks to need to be cleaned more often, and so does chain vapering.  As you vape for longer periods of time, you will become accustomed to how often you need to replace your wicks, and will learn which Smoke Juices  will require you to change your wicks more often.

7. Miscellaneous Clearomizer Tips.

I’ve heard of people using vinegar, and it apparently works fine. I’ve never tried it. Actually, I have cleaned atomizers with vinegar and baking soda, but that’s not a process you’d want to try with cartomizers. I’d just be sure to rinse the cartos real well with hot water after the vinegar.

People have found success cleaning clearomizers with all kinds of things. Efferdent tablets, sonic denture cleaners, alcohol, boiling water, vinegar, lemon juice, to name just a few.

8. Share your favorite Clearomizer Tips and Tricks.

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