Kangertech EVOD 650mah Battery

8 EVOD 650mah Batteries

8 EVOD 650mah Batteries

I didn’t think the Kangertech EVOD 650mah eGO Battery could get any better but they have!!! The EVOD button is no longer completely flush with the battery so it’s a lot easier to find!

Awesome battery so far. Looks good and is a perfect match for Boge low resistance clearomizers.

EVOD 650mah battery is super high quality and great performance at an amazing price. I have finally found the great priced EVOD replacement battery for the now gone Joyetech eGo T battery plus it gives a little extra juice!

Genuine Kangertech e-cigarette battery.  These are rated at 650mAh and can last up to 6 hours on one charge.  The EVOD 650mah features a 510 connector and eGo threading to ensure maximum compatibility.

The EVOD feature a 5-click protection for safety and durability.  To shut off the battery, simply click the button 5 times, quickly, and you’ll see the LED flash a several times.  Now it’s in off position and the button won’t fire.  Very handy to save battery life and prevent the battery from firing off in your pocket or purse.