Here is the Original Joyetech eGo-C Manual.

Joyetech E-Cig Tips and Tricks

E-Cig Tipster

The electronic cigarette takes a little practice to get the best experience, here are some tips and tricks to help for all the nOObs!

All electronic cigarettes:

  1. Very important! Take a slooooooow draw (1-3 seconds max) instead of a fast, short drag as you would with a regular cigarette.
  2. Use 2-3 e-cigs at a time and split the e-cigarette vapes between them. Reduces strain on atomizers and increases lifespan and reduces times you have to refill cartridges & change batteries.
  3. Buy spare atomizers (you will be replacing them roughly every 7-30 days), spare batteries and a charger (if one fails you have a backup).
  4. You can’t vape the e-cig constantly. After 3-4 vapes the e-cig needs time to wick more fluid into the atomizer (10-15 sec).
  5. Do not clean your atomizers, but, do clean the contact areas between the battery, atomizer and charger every couple of weeks.
  6. Replace your atomizers when they die, get to hard to draw on or no longer produce enough vapor to satisfy you.
  7. If you smoke the e-cig faster than it can wick fluid into the atomizer you might get a burnt taste. Gently blow into the cartridge a couple of seconds twice to force fluid into the atomizer.
Joyetech 510 rechargeable battery

Joyetech 510 rechargeable battery

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges and Cartomizers:

Change your cartridge each week.  Dirty cartridges don’t wick well. Do not ever overfill your cartridges. You do not want a puddle on the top. If you hear gurgling and vapor is reduced, the atomizer is flooded. Tilt the e-cig towards the ceiling when smoking until gurgling stops and vapor is restored.

If you get a burnt taste from the e-cig, you need to add more e-liquid to the cartridge. Try to use a PG based e liquid, not VG e liquids. Vg liquids will also produce a burnt taste. The plastic cartomizers degrade faster with mint based eliquids, especially VG based. Never fill  a disposable cartomizer more than 3-4 times.

eCab e-cigarette by Joyetech

eCab e-cigarette by Joyetech

Joye 510-t, eGo-t, eGo-C and eCab  Electronic Cigarettes:

eGo-C Atomizers

  1. Check your new atomizer head before you install it. If it’s noticeably wet, perfect. If not, put a drop or two of your e-liquid into the spike or better all around the spike. (Be sure to put some drops of e-liquid on that atomizer while you are testing it too – Must. Keep. It. Wet. until you get things flowing.)
  2. Make very sure that your cartridge is fully down and in place. The little ridge around the cartridge needs to be flush with the top rim of the atomizer body. If it’s not, that little atomizer head is not getting fed with juice.
  3. When you fill your cartridge, leave a millimeter or two, it improves the flow of juice into the atomizer head.
  4. When you get the whole kit and kaboodle assembled, take 3-4 good hard draws of it WITHOUT PUSHING THE BUTTON and powering the atomizer. This will start the process of the juice flowing into the atomizer.
  5. Even with the above, sometimes, for some reason, the juice isn’t feeding. If you get that first few good hits (again, this is off a new atomizer – or one that hasn’t been used in a while), and then a sharp decline, OR you don’t notice your flavored juice coming through (again, RIGHT AWAY – it doesn’t take but a few hits to burn it out), take the whole thing apart, and reassemble. Something isn’t sitting quite right.
  6. Still having troubles, try giving your assembled e-cig a GOOD HARD SHAKEUP. This will usually knock whatever is off back into place. Truly.
  7. One last option is to adjust the wick in the atomizer. Use a straight pin and (good glasses!) push through the bottom up, and through the top/spike down to get that wick into a better position. If it us up too high (sticking out of the spike) or too low (can’t see it in the spike at all), these can both cause problems with (duh) wicking.

Tank Systems:

Do not use vg based e-liquid with the tank systems. It is, in general, too thick to wick properly.

Only use PG based Dekang vapor flavored e-liquid juice or a PG/VG(70/30) mix like our Nicvape vapor flavored eliquid. Third party e-juice can be too thick (burning taste) or too thin (leaks from bottom of atomizer). Leaks can also be caused by improper seating of the atomizer, twisting the cartridge during insertion and several other factors. Remember these are delicate instruments.

Replace your cartridges every 2 weeks in insure a tight fit with atomizer head and cartridge hole. Don’t twist the cartridges, this wears them out fast.

Fill carts a little over ¾ full.  Air helps e-cigs wick better.

Be careful! This are powerful and efficient devices. It is easy to take in too much nicotine. I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day (40) and puffed each cigarette 15 times. I now vape this device 25-30 times a day and puff 6-8 times per session.

Taking in too much nicotine or vaping the device to much can cause shortness of breath, headaches, abnormal dreams, raspy voice, throat clearing, dizziness, light headedness, insomnia, nervousness, gastric upset, dry mouth or nausea.

Either reduce the amount of times you use the e-cigarette,  reduce the potency of the e-liquid you are using, or both (typically-liquid comes in 0, 11, 18 and 24 mg strengths).


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