E-Cigarette Maintenance And Repairs


Your Joyetech or any other e-cigarette is not designed to last forever, but we are able to extend the life of it with occasional preventive e-cig maintenance.

Here is the Original Joyetech eGo-C Manual.

 Joyetech eCab battery housing

Joyetech eCab battery housing

E-Cig Battery Maintenance

Keep the e-cig batteries fully charged. The manufacture recommends to charge the batteries a full 8-10 hours before initial us,e no matter if the charger indicator changes, or not. On subsequent charges, 3-4 hours is enough. For Joye eGo Electronic Cigarette, as it carries a ego series usb battery charger, 4 hours is enough for initial charges and 2-3 hours for subsequent charges.

Clean the connection parts of the e-cig battery and atomizer with a clean paper tissue occasionally.

TIP: When not in use, always switch the battery off, otherwise you risk wasting your e-liquid and your battery.

TIP: secure spare filled cartridges with the rubber tops, otherwise they will leak.

TIP: make sure, when using the EGO C or ECAB, do not cover the two tiny square holes on the atomizer head. These are for the airflow and must be uncovered; otherwise they will leak.

TIP: if your EGO-C or ECAB appears not to be working, check the battery is switched on and you have liquid in the cartridge. Then, if it still does not work, try replacing the atomizer. Atomizer heads can last from 3 weeks to 3 months. They are a spare part and have a limited lifespan. We have spare Joyetech atomizer heads and all other spare parts and accessories in stock.

TIP: Take slow and long drags, do not take short and hard ones (like smoking a cigarette), slow and steady wins the race!

Joyetech eGo-C, eCab, eRoll, Atomizer Heads

5 Joyetech eGo-C, eCab, eRoll, Atomizer Heads

5 Joyetech eGo-C, eCab, eRoll, Atomizer Heads

When you get your Joyetech Atomizer Heads, you should take the following steps to prepare for a best experience.

a. Blow out your atomizer, some atomizers come along with “primer liquid” to keep it moist. Simply blow hard from the threaded end until no more liquid comes out. I use compressed air like the kind they use on computers and monitors.

b. Then, fill your e-cig cartridge, use the dropper slowly fill the empty cartridge, DO NOT OVERFILL IT.

c. Drip two drops directly onto the metal coil of the Joyetech eGo-C Atomizer Heads.

d. Connect with a fully charged battery and a cartridge or MT BCC Cartomizer.

TIP:  Sometimes the battery and atomizer aren’t so flush with  each other, so you will need to adjust their terminal connection. The  atomizer terminal may have been pushed down in the rubber seat, so it  isn’t reaching the battery terminal. Please try using a thin bamboo skewer  and wiggling the atomizer brass terminal out of its rubber seat,  carefully,  a little bit by sticking the pointed end in the atomizer  hole, then do the same with the battery.

You will find this next tip quite useful.

TIP:  If you put your atomizers away for several months and they don’t perform well when you begin to use them, please firstly try to clean your atomizers completely.

Joyetech ego and Joye 510 low resistance atomizers

Joyetech ego and Joye 510 low resistance atomizers

Keep the atomizer clean and don’t let it dry out. Replace the cartridge when the performance diminishes. Here are steps to completely clean the inside of the atomizers, it is recommended to be done every day or every two days:

a. Blow out the atomizer from the screw end with slightly high pressure air.

b. Drip small amount of regular alcohol into the atomizer, then rinse out with distilled water, shake out well, then blow out with compressed air.

c. Connect the atomizer with a working battery, drip several drops of e-juice into the atomizer, then you may get a good vapor.

After all, it is not a real cigarette. Please change your smoking style a little bit. Do not draw too hard and frequently and please slowly inhale, to give the atomizer time to heat the liquid.

Polyester Filled E-cig Cartridges

We suggest only refilling any polyester filled cartridge 3-4 times max. After that point, the polyester material begins to break down. That can cause damage to the atomizer, and a very bad taste. Taste isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!


I use a Vodka bath to clean them,  I use a washed out Jelly jar container and swirl it around in it. Once you clean them it will take several vapes to get them going again, maybe 10-15. Be sure to let the wick get some soak time, I wouldn’t inhale during the primer puffs, you might get a burned coil hit.  Once done however the Cartomizers should vape like new. This is only for the reusable Cartomizers with Wicks and Cartomizers with Coils, not the disposable Cartomizers.


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