Replacement Coil & Wicks

2015 Replacement Coil & Wick Now On Sale!

Whether it’s Replacement Coil & Wick for a Protank & Evod, a T3S/MT3S or eGo Long Wick Changeable Coil Steven’s Wholesale online has them for you on sale in 2015! With these Wholesale prices you get 5 for the price of 4!

2.4ml eGo Long Wick Changeable Replacement Coil

2.4ml eGo Long Wick Changeable Replacement Coil & Wick

2.4ml eGo Long Wick Changeable Replacement Coil & Wick

This 5pc Replacement Coil & Wick unit fits both eGo 2.4ml CC (Coil Changeable) Clearomizers and T2 2.4ml CC (Coil Changeable) Clearomizers.

The coil unit easily screws on and off, so you can replace the coil unit by when it’s burnt out or needs cleaning.

Simply, remove the mouthpiece of CC (coil changeable) Clearomizers, screw off the old coil unit and screw on the new coil unit, you get a brand new CC clear Clearomizers!

TS3/MT3S Replacement Coil

TS3/MT3S Replacement Coil & Wick

TS3/MT3S Replacement Coil & Wick

This is the 5 Pack Replacement Coil & Wick for T3S/MT3S BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) Clearomizer.

These 5pc Replacement Coil & Wick for KangerTech T3S/MT3S BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) Clearomizers are the replacement Wick units of the KangerTech T3S eGo BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) Clearomizer & Metal KangerTech MT3S 3ml BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) eGo Cartomizers.

ProTank or Evod Replacement Coil

ProTank & Evod Replacement Coil & Wick

ProTank & Evod Replacement Coil & Wick

ProTank & Evod Replacement atomizer heating coils are for the Evod and Protank/Mini Protank/Protank-II/Mini Protank-II/Unitank clearomizers.

Protank clearomizers are is most Innovated ego series version glassomizers.

The glass surrounding the coil provides the best safety and healthier environment for an e-juice container.

Replace your Protank & EVOD Coil with this item, make it new again! These coils will not work with the T3s/MT3s or the Protank III. For those you will need the Kanger Dual Coils for Protank3, AeroTank, EVOD 2 and T3D Clearomizers.

Questions about this replaceable wicks and coils? Contact Steven’s Wholesale online for fast answers!  Until then, stay smokeless in 2015!