Nicvape Blackberry Bourbon eLiquid

Nicvape Blackberry Bourbon eLiquid

Nicvape Blackberry Bourbon eLiquid

NicVape Liquor Flavor Blackberry Bourbon e-Liquids

When it comes to taste, Nicvape Blackberry Bourbon eLiquid stands head and shoulders ahead of the crowd. NicVape eLiquids are made with the freshest ingredients and highest purity nicotine strengths, that way the NicVape brand always tastes true, every vape.

This Nicvape Blackberry Bourbon eLiquid produces a quality vapor and smooth throat hit when vaping.

This is a sweetened Bourbon with a smooth, mellow aftertaste. Did you know that Bourbon can be made anywhere in the U.S., but all but a couple of brands are made in Kentucky? Only the state of Kentucky can produce bourbon with its name on the label. The name comes from Bourbon county in the central bluegrass region of Kentucky. This county was named in 1785 to honor the French royal family and was once the major transshipment site for shipping distilled spirits down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans. Barrels shipped from there were stamped with the county’s name, which then became the name of this kind of whiskey. Interestingly, there are no distillers in Bourbon county, Kentucky right now. Maybe they can get into the Eliquid Smoke Juice and produce a nice Bourbon flavored vapor ejuice?

Nicvape Blackberry Bourbon eLiquid is one of the NicVape Top Twenty Favorite Flavored Vapor eLiquids. It is made fresh, and we all know fresh is good. NIceVape, a quality you can taste.

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