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Beware Of Fake Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes

Beware of Fake Joyetech ecigs

Beware of Fake Joyetech eCigs

Beware of fake Joyetech eCigs

Like any other product you buy and order on the Internet you have to beware of fake Joyetech ecigs. Just as there are counterfeit products of every kind,  Joyetech electronic cigarettes are no exception. Read below to learn how to spot them.

I had a call today from a customer in New Jersey, seeking information on the Joyetech 510 battery. The caller told me he ordered some Joyetech 510 batteries, only to find out after the fact that these were not authentic Joyetech batteries but a fake knock off.  He had been swindled.  He wanted to know if sells the authentic Joyetech 510 battery?

I explained to him that I clearly tell my visitors to beware of fake Joyetech ecigs and fake Dekang eliquids on our homepage, and that we only sell official Joyetech ecig Starter Kits, Joyetech batteries, refillable Joyetech cartridges, and authentic Joyetech atomizers.

Want to check to make sure your product is not a knock off?

In order to protect legitimate rights of users, Joyetech has pasted package serial number label on all the package boxes of Joyetech eRoll starter kits since September 2012, and then applied for all the other Joyetech products successively.

Customers can check the authenticity of these products on the following website: If the product is original, our system will show you the relevant package serial number. Meanwhile, the serial number and security code are also required for products warranty and after-sales service.

Detailed requirements are as follows:

1. If the package box for Joyetech eRoll has no serial number pasted, the product may be counterfeit, or those Not for Sell, such as test samples. Joyetech couldn’t provide warranty and after-sales service without verification of serial number and security code. Please reject or return it to the supplier for the starter kits without such label.

2, From June 1st, 2013, if the serial number and security code can’t be provided, Joyetech will no longer directly support the after-sales service and warranty.

Sincerely please take good care of the receipt, serial number and security code for the product you bought.

Don’t be afraid to call or email the owner of any site selling any ecig products on the Internet, ask if the products are authentic. And beware of keywords like “compatible” or “comparable.”A rat is comparable to a cat.  Nothing beats an authentic.

Nothing beats an authentic Joyetech e-Cig Starter Kit, or my prices. ~Steven

When I think of Joyetech 3 words come to mind, dependable, quality and style.  Those are the reasons I  stock official Joyetech Smokeless Vapor Starter Kits and delicious Dekang Vapor Flavors to go with them. I am enjoying a delicious Peach and USA Mix flavored vapor right now.

You can have peace of mind when you order your Joyetech and Dekang vapor e liqiuids from that the product is an official product and not a knockoff.

Reasons to beware of fake Joyetech ecigs and Dekang e liquids.

Many online eliquid sales are fake, so be warned. If you see an advertisement, call them or better yet email them first and get something in writing.  Any reputable eliquid store will tell you if their products are authentic.  Steven’s Wholesale Online offers same day priority shipping and free tracking on all orders all across America. Don’t trust your vapor business to anyone, or you might end up like the customer who called me, both disillusioned and upset.

Stop by and read my customers comments about-our-shipping, and why my customers love them, it will save you money in the long run.  With Steven’s same day shipping guarantee you can relax your worries and think of only quality, convenience, quick, and dependable.

Remember, do not support any merchants who sell fake Joyetech eCigs. If it doesn’t say Joyetech on the product, chances are it is not an authentic one. The best way to tell is not authentic is if they use only the model name.  Like an “eGo Twist.” If you don’t see the word Joyetech, again, chances are it is not an authentic one. Their products will say simply eGo, or eGo-C, without the name Joyetech,  and/or no engraving.

Best flavor for the price I’ve tried so far, very nice taste and produces a great vapor.  Thanks Steven! I’ll be back for more soon!! ~William Billoby from Houston, Texas, United States


The Joyetech eGo-C is the third generation of ever popular product eGo.

The Joyetech eGo-C is the third generation of ever popular  smokeless eGo eCig. The changeable eGo-C atomizer system is the newest innovative technology developed by Joyetech, which makes removal and cleaning of the atomizer quick, simple and cost effective. Use a dedicated atomizer for each of your liquid choices or change it out just to keep it fresh.

Joyetech eGo-C atomizer is a new replaceable atomizer. It is consisted of atomizer head, atomizer cover and atomizer base. It is totally different from the other electronic cigarettes. If the atomizer is broken, you only need change the atomizer head. The following pictures show you how to replace the atomizer head. Joye eGo-C atomizer is also compatible with eGo/eGo-T battery.

Joye eGo-C Atomizers

Joye eGo-C Atomizers

ego-c atomizer change

Joyetech eGo-C use the same tank cartridges as eGo-T, it can hold 1.1ml e-juice and e-liquid. This starter kits comes with Regular type A atomizer, so it can only work with Joye eGo-T tank cartridges!Cone shape/Type A! You still need purchase e-juice or e-liquid to use this starter kits!

The biggest improvement of eGo-C 2 upgrade battery: it has two modes to switch. One is the constant voltage output mode which gives constant 3.3V(when it’s driving the atomizer (load added)) and is the same as the normal eGo-C battery. The other is variable voltage output mode, in this mode, the voltage will change from 4.15V to 3.6V as the lithium battery power decrease. With higher voltage up to 4.15V, this give you a better vapor feeling. Meanwhile, it is easier to switch, check below:

Ego-C battery light switch

Switching operation and features:

1. From constant voltage output mode to new battery voltage voltage output:

1.1 When the mode is 3.3v constant output mode,  lock the battery by 5 clicks first(blue LED blinks 3 times).
1.2 By pressing button for 5 seconds(not 5 clicks), LED will change to orange with 3 blinks. The battery has switched to variable voltage output mode(battery voltage output mode).
1.3 Then click 5 times, then you can smoke in battery voltage output.
1.4 In new battery voltage output mode, the LED is orange and battery doesn’t have power display function.
1.5 When charging, orange LED will blink 5 times in this new mode.

2. From new battery voltage output to constant voltage output mode:

2.1 In new battery voltage output mode, lock the battery by 5 clicks first(orange LED blinks 3 times).
2.2 By pressing button for 5 seconds(not 5 clicks), LED will change to blue with 3 blinks. And the mode has switched to 3.3V constant voltage output mode.
2.3 Then click 5 times and smoke in 3.3V constant voltage.
2.4 In 3.3V constant voltage, the battery features has no difference from present eGo-C battery.
2.5 When charging, blue LED blinks 5 times in this new mode.

This battery also have the previous lock/unlock function (5-click protection) in both of the two modes. The protection switch make it safer and easier to use and this can prevent accidental battery discharge when not in use. Constant voltage output & varible voltage output, intensified short circuit protection, discharge and overcharge protection, high-safe, high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability delicated lithium battery, it is a such perfect product!

10 seconds cutoff time!