A Better Way to Smoke Called Vaping

As more and more smoking bans come up, tobacco smokers are finding it hard to find a suitable place to smoke freely. The electronic cigarette was developed to answer the need for acceptable smoking in public places, with no tobacco. Or so one story goes. But who knows? Ask Google. All Steven knows is an electronic cigarette mimics a conventional cigarette and even looks, feels and tastes like one, but better.

This kind of cigarette is completely safe and legal because they don’t bring harm to other people in a way that passive cigarette smoking does. An electronic cigarette has three components which are the rechargeable battery, cartridge and atomizer. The cartridge holds the electronic liquid to be vaporized while the atomizer ignites heat to vaporize the liquid.

Thus, people using the Ego-C electronic cigarette are inhaling an aerosol mist or vaporized nicotine. An electronic cigarette basically functions like a vaporizer, nebulizer or humidifier; hence, it is a better and safer way to smoke, without any smoke.

Electronic cigarette vaping has helped a large number of people kick the smoking habit. And they love the vapor flavors. One great advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they are won’t harm other people via second hand smoke.

If you use a Joyetech e-cig be sure to read these Joyetech Electronic Cigarette Tips & Tricks.

Sample Tip:

Taking in too much nicotine or vaping the device too much can cause shortness of breath, headaches, abnormal dreams, raspy voice, throat clearing, dizziness, lightheadedness, insomnia, nervousness, gastric upset, dry mouth or nausea, so please don’t do too much. Be aware and cut back.  It is like drinking coffee, you wouldn’t drink a whole pot would you, or even 8 cups, right?

Send us any great tips or tricks and if we use it here you win a 30ml bottle of flavored e liquid. 


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