Don’t Be Blue, Instead, Try On A Black And Blue CE4 Cartomizer

Singing the blues

Don’t Sing The Blues, Instead Try A Blue CE4 Cartomizer.

First off, beware of knock offs and fake Joyetech products. Joyetech electronic cigarettes are the most knocked off e-cigs in the world.  If you bought a fake Joyetech product in the past you’ve probably experienced leaking of your Vapor Flavored eLiquids. That will give anyone the blues. Well, don’t be blue anymore and grab a couple of Black CE4 Cartomizers and Blue CE4 Cartomizers.  02.09.2013   UPDATE: These puppies were so hot that they are SOLD OUT until the last week of this month when I can finally restock them. You can put yourself on Steven’s Email me when Back-In-Stock list on the product pages.

What something brighter? No worries, you can get your Cartomizers in Green, too. Lots of colors to choose.  Nothing like a little color to chase away those blues.

Fast shipping, great service, low prices exclusively at Steven’s Wholesale Online.  No More Leaking.  And No More Singing The Blues.

you guys are the bomb!!!!! best shipping, best prices!!! thanks for being a trusted, verified company. -frank t


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